Surface Dressing & Tarmac Driveways Penrith

Surface Dressing Penrith is a quick and effective way of giving a new lease of life to a tarmac surface that is beginning to show signs of fatigue and wear. The driveway or road is repaired with tarmac patching, made level with pre’ surface dressing patching and then a full top layer of K170 hot premium bitumen is sprayed onto the tarmac surface quickly followed by high quality, local hardstone chipping. It is then rolled to ensure proper embedment of the aggregate into the bitumen binder. This provides an economical and water impervious layer with the added benefit of pothole prevention and a much-improved surface texture wich provides increased skid resistance properties ensuring Tarmac driveways Penrith is sealed from any further deteriation

2 in 1 Bitumen sprayer and aggregate spreader

This german manufactered machine is desighned to surface big areas with a single pass

Local Penrith Driveway contractors

Surface dressing offers a hard wearing surface with a aesthetic advantage over the likes of Penrith tarmac and asphalt


Penrith Surface dressing can be used on “domestic and commercial” projects alike

Surface dressing Penrith is applied by custom built bitumen sprayer and aggregate spreader and It can be used to treat both, driveways, estate and farm roads in Cumbria. The rate of application of materials is essential to ensure adequate performance. The cost of surface dressing is a lot less than Tarmac resurfacing Penrith or Asphalt surfacing Cumbria making it a cost effective solution. We will be happy to provide a free no obligation site survey and quotation.

Surface Dressing Penrith

Hot Tar Spray Chipping in Penrith

Tar Chipping Penrith


Tarmac driveways Penrith Cumbria

Penrith tarmac driveways has been around since the 1830 and is very common among homeowners as it is mainly relatively cost effective and cheaper to maintain than many other of its counterparts. It can be used on many domestic, commercial agricultural and industrial areas, it can be machine or hand laid with it’s added benefits of being very hard wearing and low maintenance. Tarmacadam driveways Penrith has improved massively in recent years becoming stronger and more flexible, especially heavy duty materials being used on projects. These are suitable for heavy traffic areas such as driveways, private/residential roads, business premises, car parks, Farm roads, factory forecourts etc.

Tarmac driveway installed in Penrith

Brick edgings installed, drainage installed and a total depth of 80mm of tarmacadam, featuring our 3 year insurance backed guarantee

Where can Penrith Tarmac be used?

Anywhere From Tarmac driveways Cumbria, private roads, residential drives, foot paths and walkways, farm roads, silage pits, caravan parks, tennis courts, school playgrounds, golf clubs, just about all premises road surfaces can benefit from tarmac driveways in Cumbria.


Asphalt driveway installed in Penrith

Brick edgings installed,  and a total depth of 80mm of Asphalt, featuring our 3 year insurance backed guarantee


What will we do?

It all depends on the existing surface for example if you have an old Tarmac driveways in Penrith which is in very bad condition, cracked, potholed etc the existing surface would be completely removed. Then we would use a solid base to build up the driveway to a necessary level which then would be compacted. We can then coat the area with a tack coat bitumen to help bond the base and the newly laid product together. Finally we would re-surface using a grade of Tarmacadam Penrith to suit which would then be power rolled until we reach an even consolidated area. We can then seal the edges with bitumen to stop water ingress on the joints.

Tarmac driveways Penrith

Tarmacadam drive repairs Penrith

Tarmacadam driveways Penrith



Tarmac driveways costs can vary depending on a number of circumstances:

1. The size of your driveway

2. The existing driveway surface

3. The age of the current driveway

4. Choice of Tarmac, Block Paving or Resin Bound

5. The style of surface & edging required

6. Drainage & Other features

The best way top get an accurate price for tarmacadam driveway is to give our Penrith driveway contractors a call for a free, no obligation site survey and quotation.


Driveway contractor near Penrith at M. Miller we are very confident in the quality of our Penrith Driveways, which is why we offer a guarantee on all Driveway works.
We also try to match prices offered by our trusted competitors, so If you find a cheaper quote from any other tarmacadam driveway company near Penrith and Cumbria, just give us a call and we’ll try to match or even beat it!
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