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Surface Dressing Lockerbie is a quick and effective way of giving a new lease of life to a tarmac surface that is beginning to show signs of fatigue and wear. The driveway or road is repaired with tarmac patching, made level with pre’ surface dressing patching and then a full top layer of K-170 hot premium bitumen is sprayed onto the tarmac surface quickly followed by high quality, local hard stone chipping. It is then rolled to ensure proper embedment of the aggregate into the bitumen binder. This provides an economical and water impervious layer with the added benefit of pothole prevention and a much-improved surface texture which provides increased skid resistance properties ensuring tarmac driveways is sealed from any further deterioration.

Surface Dressing Lockerbie

Surface dressing undertaken by our 2 in 1 bitumen sprayer and aggregate spreader

Driveway, Car Park and Road Carlisle Surface Dressing Specialist’s

Surface Dressing Lockerbie for driveways can be a cost-effective alternative to achieving a low maintenance attractive finish for a tarmac surface that is showing signs of fatigue, prone to potholing and a overall drab appearance. We would like to offer a free site survey and quotation for all driveway surface dressing throughout North of England and Scotland.

Hot tar spraying Lockerbie

After tarmac patch repairs & Surface Dressing with hot bitumen and aggregate chipping

Lockerbie Surface dressing for residential drives farm roads and estate roads

Surface dressing Lockerbie is applied by custom built bitumen sprayer and aggregate spreader and It can be used to treat both, driveways estate and farm roads. The rate of application of materials is essential to ensure adequate performance. The cost of surface dressing is a lot less than tarmac resurfacing or asphalt surfacing making it a cost effective solution. We will be happy to provide a free no obligation site survey and quotation for all road surfacing.

Surface Dressing Lockerbie

Hot Tar Spray Chipping in Lockerbie

Tar Chipping Lockerbie

Large driveway repaired and surfaced

by M. Miller Surface Maintenance

Road/ Large private driveway Cleaning: edging cut back, grass cleaned from the middle, mechanically swept and weed killer applied. Reinstatement: The repairs to the tarmac that included potholes and low points resurfaced with a 10mm bitumen wearing course. Surface Dressing Lockerbie: The full drive is to be coated with a hot premium bitumen shortly followed by a 6-10mm hardstone chipping and compacted by a road roller.

Tarmac patching Lockerbie

Before: After cleaning and tarmac patch repairs ready for surface dressing

Resurfacing chip and tar 800m private road

Hot Tar Spraying and Chiping Lockerbie

After: Surface Dressing with hot bitumen and aggregate chipping


Surface Dressing costs can vary depending on a number of circumstances:

1. The size of your road

2. The existing road surface

3. The age of the current surface

4. Choice of Stone sizes and colour

5. The style of surface & edging required

6. Drainage & Other features

The best way top get an accurate price for surface dressing is to give our contractors a call for a free, no obligation site survey and quotation.


Lockerbie Surface dressing contractor’s at M. Miller we are very confident in the quality of our surface dressing, which is why we offer a guarantee on all surfacing works.
We also try to match prices offered by our trusted competitors, so If you find a cheaper quote from any other surfacing company, just give us a call and we’ll try to match or even beat it!
Send us your details & we’ll call you back with a quote.


We provide local surface dressing installations all over the North of England and Scotland.



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